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Examining the Benefits of Stainless Steel in Your New Restaurant’s Kitchen Design

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Opening a new restaurant can include many important details. Making sure you are ready to greet the public on your first day of business can be an overwhelming task, even more so if it is your first restaurant. Taking steps to ensure your food-prep areas are sanitary and safe is extremely important to prevent your customers from getting sick. Learn more about the reasons you need to choose stainless steel in your new restaurant’s kitchen design. Stainless Steel Is the Best Material for Maintaining Safer Sanitary Conditions Stainless steel is the best choice for commercial kitchens because it is the easiest to clean for preventing the growth of dangerous bacteria on food-prep surfaces. Stainless steel does not pit easily under the stress of tasks like cutting and pounding raw meats or cleaning with disinfectants. Metals or other materials that are porous can develop tiny pits that provide the perfect home for bacteria like e.coli and salmonella. Remember to request that your counters and other stainless-steel kitchen additions are fastened only with stainless-steel screws from a company such as AUSTIN  MAC INC in order to lower the risk of bacteria attaching to them after installation. Bear in mind that one screw head can host a lot of microscopic bacteria. When you are preparing food for the public, the last thing you need is bacteria lurking around in your kitchen. You can have stainless-steel countertops and appliances in your commercial kitchen to not only make it easier to disinfectant and clean but also to achieve a nice decorative appeal. Investing in Durability Is an important Aspect of New Business Start-Up The longer you are able to use your kitchen counters and appliances, the less money you will to spend over time. If you have to close your restaurant while waiting on new appliances or counters, you lose money and possibly good customers that will look for other places to eat while you are closed. Stainless steel is able to provide you with many years of service because it is extremely durable and strong. Other materials commonly used in commercial kitchens cannot stand up to the test of time like stainless steel does. Opening up a new restaurant should be an exciting venture without worries over the kinds of bacteria that can end up living in your food-prep areas. Taking steps to ensure your new restaurant will be a clean and safe place for your customers enjoyment is paramount and will have a direct impact on your final...

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Straining Out The Best: Finding The Right Industrial Strainer

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Finding the appropriate strainer for an industrial application is more challenging than finding the appropriate strainer for a kitchen or bathroom. A drain in a typical residential home has a standard diameter and the kitchen strainers will be designed to fit almost all kitchen drains. However, it may be necessary to measure the drain hole for your industrial application to make sure that you can then purchase a strainer that is the appropriate size. However, there are many other characteristics that you will need to consider when choosing the right one. Determining Whether A Basket Strainer Is The Best Option One of the first steps in obtaining a strainer basket is determining whether you need a strainer in the first place. This is determined by knowing the flow rate. The higher the flow rate, the greater the likelihood that you will need a basket strainer. Strainers are sized to where they will have a minimum and maximum pressure drop. They will also have a maximum velocity. Basket strainers have less pressure loss than Y-Strainers. Another reason to consider a basket strainer is because of the ease-of-use. A basket strainer is much easier to clean than a Y-strainer. When the cap is removed to clean the Y-strainer, the liquid will drain out immediately, and this can cause major problems depending on the location of the strainer. The Dimensions The second step in determining what type of industrial strainer basket to purchase is the dimensions of the area where the strainer basket will be placed. There should be an open area ratio of at least 4 to 1. If this minimum requirement is not met, there will be a risk of a significant pressure drop. The Durability Choose a strainer that has a material and finish that will allow it to last a long time. The two best materials that strainers can be made out of are stainless steel and brass. For industrial applications, the durability of the material is much more important than its appearance. The Thickness Of The Sink Consider the thickness of the device in which the drain is a part of in addition to the diameter of the drain. Depending on the thickness of the sink, a particular strainer might not fit. Unique Features There are many unique features that might come with a particular brand of strainer. For instance, you may have a strainer that has ball bearing posts that fit securely and prevent the strainer from...

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Three Things To Take Into Consideration When Having A Parking Barrier System Installed

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If you own a large commercial property that you want to lease to multiple businesses, having a private parking lot can often make it more appealing to potential lessees. Knowing that they can always find a parking space can make life much easier for many people working in a big city. If you plan to create a private parking lot for the businesses, you will need to have a parking barrier system put into place. Use the guide below to learn a few things to take into consideration when choosing a barrier system to use for your parking lot. Consider How Many Barriers You Want to Use You need to consider if you want to have a barrier system installed at the entrance to the parking lot, at the exit of the lot, or at both places. Having a barrier at the entrance will limit who can get into the parking lot, having one at the exit will limit who can leave, and having one at both can be ideal if you plan to monitor the parking lot usage to ensure that it is being used properly. Consider How You Want the Barrier System to Operate You need to determine if you want to have a barrier system installed that operates by a code that is typed into a small keypad, if a barcode is scanned on the window of a car attempting to enter the facility, or if you want each vehicle to have their own parking pass that must be put into a slot in a machine in order for the person to gain entrance to the lot. Giving out a code may not be the best option because then anyone can give it to their friends to use the lot as free parking. A parking pass that is a card can be shared between friends, as well. A barcode that is stuck to a window may be the best option for limiting which cars are able to park on your lot. Consider the Times When You Want the Lot to Be Available to Businesses If the businesses within your facility are not open on the weekends or at nights, you can set the parking barrier to not operate during those times. This will ensure that there are no cars being left overnight in the lot and that no one is using the lot during the hours when they do not need to be using it. Parking lot barriers do not take up a lot of room in the parking lot, so you do not have to worry about giving up potential space for parking spots. It is important to check the barrier on a regular basis to ensure that it is still functioning properly and to make sure that no one has damaged it trying to get in or out of the parking lot. For more information, contact a company like Eastco; Mfg...

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The Benefits And Uses Of Dynamometers

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If you work and an industrial field and want the absolute performance out of every application that you engage in, you know that you always need to be inspecting and testing machinery such as engines and pumps. One great way to test a pump or an engine is with the use of a dynamometer. By having access to a dynamometer, your whole manufacturing process will run more smoothly. Below, you will learn a little bit more about dynamometers  and why they can be advantageous purchases for your industrial business. What exactly is a dynamometer? In short, a dynamometer is a tool that lets you scientifically calculate specifications like speed, torque and power for industrial equipment. This testing tool is usually used for things like motors, engines, pumps and generators. They can be used in a variety of different industries. Why should I invest in a dynamometer? You need to always be measuring performance for your most important industrial equipment so that you can trust its output. There are a few great reasons why buying a dynamometer can help you do this. Benefit #1:  You will be able to accurately gauge what is working and what is not working A few of the ways that dynamometers can be useful is that they measure whether an engine is running as it should, whether it is making the best use of fuel or wasting it and whether adjustments must be made. These metrics will let you fine tune your engine, motor, pump or other device so that your machinery is operating at its best and not costing you too much money. It lets you put trust into your equipment and your business as a whole. Benefit #2: You will experience readouts that are incredibly accurate and precise When putting trust into testing equipment, you will be relying on precision and accuracy. You get just that when you use a dynamometer, because its results are remarkably sophisticated. They are precise when measuring output for both large and small amounts of weight and are even portable in many situations. Since you can trust the accuracy of the results, you can also trust that your machinery will run at it best. Benefit #3: You can purchase a dynamometer for a variety of different industries One of the best things about dynamometer is is that there are many different types you can use based on the measurements you need. A water brake dynamometer is best suited when looking to get measurements for large internal combustion motors. Eddy current brake dynamometers use air cooling that can be used to measure engines up to 250 hp, while alternating current regenerative dynamometers are useful for engines that range between 10 hp and 5000 hp. These options let you purchase the best testing tool for your needs. Now that you know more about dynamometers, get in touch with the company that can sell you one. To learn more, visit a website...

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How To Revitalize An Old Metal Shed With An Air Compressor

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Metal sheds are sturdy and provide a safe place to keep all of your gardening tools or other types of outdoor equipment. But due to being outside in the weather, metal sheds tend to get rusty, accumulate dirt, and fade in the sun. If you have an old metal shed that needs to be revitalized, you can use an air compressor with various parts and attachments to do the job. Here’s what to do. Sandblast the Rust  Use a sandblasting tool connected to your air compressor to blast away the rust. Use short bursts as you spray the fine sand onto the problem areas. Since rust can damage the metal, the metal may be very thin, so be careful when you use the sandblaster. After the rust has been removed, you may need to apply an epoxy to the thin spots of metal. You can find epoxy for metals at any home improvement center or hardware store. Power Wash the Debris Away After the epoxy has cured, smooth it out with a piece of fine sandpaper. Remove the fine sand, rust fragments, and debris off of the shed with a pressure washer adapter. Start out on the lowest setting possible so you don’t damage the shed. Increase the power of the pressure washer slowly, if necessary, but stop increasing the pressure if you hear popping noises coming from the shed walls. This would mean that the pressure is too harsh for the shed to withstand. Run the power washer until the water runs clear. Remove the power washer adapter and give the shed a few quick blasts of air to help speed up drying if you don’t have time to wait for it to dry before you paint it.  Paint the Shed When the shed is dry, attach a paint gun to the air compressor. Paint guns are a great way to give a smooth finish. Before you begin, put on a pair of goggles and a protective mask that covers your mouth and nose. That way, you won’t get any paint in your eyes, nose, and mouth. If there is greenery or concrete around the shed and you’d like to protect it from paint, cover it with tarps or plastic sheeting. If you’d like to paint the trim in a different color, paint it first and allow it to dry. Then, cover the trim with painter’s tape before you paint the rest of the shed. If you need parts for your air compressor in order to finish the job, you could try...

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First Time Working With A CNC Machine? 3 Tips To Keep You Safe

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If this is going to be your first time working on a CNC turning machine, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with a few safety precautions. Like any industrial machinery, the CNC can cause serious injuries if you don’t follow all safety procedures. In addition to the training that your workplace will provide you with, here are a few tips you should follow to ensure your safety. Watch Your Clothing The CNC machine will require you to hand-feed certain components of the materials you’ll be using. Because of that, it’s important that you make sure your clothing is out of the way. Never have long, loose sleeves or thread dangling from your clothing. It’s also important that you keep your shirt tucked in at all times. Loose threads, long sleeves, and other loose articles of clothing can get caught up in the gears and pull you through the machine. Avoid wearing any clothing that could pose a risk to you or those around you. By inspecting your clothing each time that you use your machine, you can avoid potentially devastating injuries. Inspect the Polycarbonate Vision Panel The front of the machine contains a polycarbonate vision panel. The panel allows you to monitor the work without being exposed to flying debris. Before you use the CNC machine, you should inspect the polycarbonate vision panel. Look for chips, cracks or other defects that would prevent it from protecting you properly. If you notice any type of defect in the vision panel, do not use the machine. Instead, shut the machine down and contact a line supervisor. The panel will need to be replaced before you can safely use it again. Always Wear Protective Gear Protective gear is crucial when working with a CNC machine. Before you begin work, make sure you’re wearing your gear. Your gear should include closed-toed boots and safety goggles. Don’t wear gloves unless required to do so by your site supervisor. Gloves can get caught up in the machinery and lead to severe injuries. It’s also important that you follow gear requirements set forth by your employer. Your safety gear will protect you against serious injuries. If you’re going to doing any sort of precision CNC machining, you need to follow safety precautions. The tips provided here will help keep you safe while you work. Be sure to read any safety manuals that are available for the equipment you’ll be working...

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Investing In Water Cooling For Your Manufacturing Plant? Tips To Stop Corrosion In Its Tracks

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When you’re working with metal fabrication on lathes and CNC machines, keeping things cool is essential for reducing friction and heat damage. Depending on the scale of your operation, this may also mean that you need to install water tanks for sufficient supply. With water tanks comes the risk of corrosion if the tanks aren’t properly treated. Here’s a look at what you need to know about corrosion control in your water storage tanks. What Exactly Is Corrosion? To effectively prevent corrosion from happening, you need to understand what it is. It is the iron oxide conversion created when metal releases electrons that interact with oxygen. The presence of those electrons, oxygen and an electrolyte will lead to corrosion. It happens often in untreated water tanks because water is highly conductive, which provides a path for the electrons to travel more easily. How Do You Use Coatings to Prevent Corrosion? Protection starts with a coating on the inside and outside of the tank. You may find that you want a different coating on the inside than the outside, particularly if you have concerns about any high mineral content in the water that could increase the rate of corrosion or environmental factors, like high humidity, that could affect the outside of the tank. Polyurethanes are a versatile option that can be used in both the inside and the outside of the tank because they come in many different varieties. Acrylic coatings are water-based, strong coatings typically used on tank exteriors. You can also opt for a polymer for the tank exterior if you’re looking for something that has added protections or longer durability. For inside-only coatings, consider an epoxy crafted specifically for volatile organic compound protection as well as water quality preservation. How Do You Use Cathodes To Prevent Corrosion? In addition to the coating, you may want to also add an extra layer of protection against corrosion inside the tank. Cathodic bars serve as a corrosive target that’s placed inside the tank. It draws the corrosion, which keeps it from affecting the inside of the tank. In other cases, a cathode rod is connected to a DC current that interferes with the actual corrosion process. The last thing you need is flakes of rust clogging up your water jet cooling system during a busy production run. With tips like these, you can prevent corrosion and rust build-up inside your water tanks. Talk with a local tank coating contractor about more tips for combating these...

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Important Facts You Should Know About The Manufacture And Use Of Private Label Cosmetics

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If you cannot imagine leaving the house in the morning without at least some lipstick or concealer, you are not alone. A recent study concluded that almost half of American women are not comfortable without wearing at least some makeup. Unfortunately, other research has also suggested that more than half of all women suffer from sensitive or very sensitive skin and of course, almost everyone would like to save money when they can. Therefore, it will be very helpful to learn about the use of private label cosmetics for women with sensitive skin that will allow you to meet the needs of skin and your budget at the same time. #1-Many Of The Private Label Cosmetics Are Produced By Well-known Companies One misconception about private label items is that they are a lower-quality or inferior item. The truth is that some private label products are often made by one company for a large number of stores. That means that the face cream bottled under the store brand at your favorite grocery store could easily be the exact same product under another private label at the drug or discount store. That works for the individual stores, since it is not always financially advantageous for them to spend the time and money to create specific, inexpensive products. Instead, they will often purchase at least some of their private label cosmetics from a third-party who produces them in bulk and everyone saves money. Private labels may also be known as store brands. #2-The Store Brands Carry the Same Warnings That The Big Brands Do It is important to note that you do not need to worry that somehow you will be buying a lower quality item because it is a store brand. Fortunately, that is not a problem because store brands are held to the same exacting standards that a big label would be. In addition, you will also see that private label cosmetics will carry the same warnings that the product you will be using. For example, if you know that your skin is sensitive to dyes, fragrances, parabens, preservatives, etc. you will be able to see that information clearly posted on the package. The same is true if you know that you are prone to allergic reactions, in which case you should look for hypoallergenic products and you can look for a private label cosmetic that mentions its non-comedogenic status if you are concerned about blocked pores. In conclusion,there are many private label cosmetics currently on the market that provide you with the same benefits of the more expensive products for a reduced cost. Fortunately, it is now possible to find those affordable products that are also suitable for women with sensitive skin. To learn more, contact a private label cosmetic company like Fast Fill...

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Building A Family Home? Don’t Skimp On The Outside

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Homeowners often leave the details of the exterior of the home until the end of the project, and then they don’t have a lot in their budget to choose materials or items they want. If you want your property to look great and you aren’t sure where it’s worth spending money on the outside of the home, there are a few things to consider. Your driveway should last you as long as you own the home, and you are building a family home because you want a place for your family to enjoy and spend time now. The following options are ideal for those building a new home. Concrete Driveway A concrete driveway may cost more than an asphalt driveway, but it’s worth the investment for many reasons. The concrete walks and driveway will last longer over time. The concrete isn’t going to get sticky or soft in high temperatures, and you can have the concrete textured or patterned so it’s slip resistant with rain and ice. Consider concrete because it looks great and can improve the resale potential for your home. For concrete, contact a company such as Hi-Grade Materials Co. Sod If you’re looking for a quick option and you don’t have the time to maintain grass on a daily basis, go with sod instead of seed. With sod you don’t have to worry about having a barren yard until you get seedlings, or having high water bills making sure your seedlings are properly watered. The sod also gives you instant curb appeal, and you don’t have to worry about kids or pets running around in dirt or mud. Fenced-In Yard You don’t want to worry about your kids or pets running off, or other kids and pets running into your yard because you didn’t budget for a fence. Having the fence installed right away is important, and a fence can add value to your home if you choose a high quality material and it looks good. Consider fencing and possibly wiring through the fencing brackets and check to see if the homeowners association has any requirements. The outside of your home may not seem like the most important when you are working on the details of the house, but you don’t want to build a home and not be able to enjoy the outside for some time. Make choices like the above listed items that are going to be great financial investments for you, and boost the appearance of the...

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Want To Improve Your Air Conditioner’s Performance? Show Your Filters Some Love

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Air conditioner filters play the important role of ensuring that the air that employees breathe is free of dust, mold and any other air impurities. This alone is a good-enough motivation to inspire you to pay attention to not only how often you clean your system’s filters, but also how regularly you replace them. The good news is that taking time to maintain, and when necessary to replace, your system’s filters does more than simply guarantee good air quality in the workplace. It is something that is crucial to maintaining the system’s efficiency while also elongating its lifespan. Clogged filters and air flow problems Air conditioning systems work well when there is an ample supply of air. However, since the air needs to be cleaned first before it can go through the system, it has to pass through the system’s air filters. This is where dirty air filters cause problems.  Dirt usually clogs filters, reducing their capacity to let in air. This is something that will therefore restrict the amount of air that is available for use in the air conditioning system. The system will therefore need to work harder and for longer periods of time in order to warm up a given space. In essence, heating systems with clogged filters usually end up being overworked systems, something that usually reduces the lifespan of the system in question. Worn out filters and dirty coils By getting rid of dust particles from the air, air filters usually protect a heating system from clogging problems. With time, filters wear out. This usually reduces their ability to filter out any air impurities. And when these filters are not replaced, the particles that pass through the filters usually settle on the system’s coils and thus create an insulating layer around the coils. The insulating effect of the dirt usually interferes with the heat exchange process that is necessary for the air conditioner to work properly. This is something that reduces the air conditioner’s ability to either heat or cool the air passing through it, something that essentially leads to energy inefficiencies since the heater will have to use more energy in order to attain a desired temperature. To avoid coil clogging, it is advisable that you replace your system’s filters as soon as they show sign of wear and tear. And while the rate of clogging usually depends on the amount of impurities of the air passing through the filters, it is generally advisable that you change your system’s filters at least once after every 3 months. For more information, contact a company like Mercury...

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