3 Great Home Improvements That Can Make You Money

13 May 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Improving your home can be a fantastic way to make your home stand out, while also being able to provide you with an extra source of income. Solar panels, accessory apartments, and roof replacements are all great ways to save or earn money.

Solar Panels

One of the best ways to both save and earn yourself a bit of money is to install solar panels (through professionals such as Peck Electric) on your home. These panels will be able to reduce your dependence on the local power company, which will allow you to save a bit of money on your utility bills. If you manage to produce enough electricity to completely eliminate your dependence on the power company, you will be able to sell the excess electricity to the power company. 

The amount that you will get paid is going to vary by area, with areas frequently that are suffering frequent power outages offering a premium for any electricity that you can provide. If you live in an area where power is plentiful, then there may be a limit to the amount of energy that the power company will be willing to pay for, or they may only pay a fraction of the amount that they charge their customers. 

Roof Replacement

Replacing the roof of your home is a great way to both lower your monthly expenses and increase the amount of money that you can sell your home for. Copper roofing in particular will reflect the sun's light away from your home, which will keep the home cooler. This will let you limit your air conditioning use, which will lower your utility bills.

In addition, copper roofing is highly sought after by prospective home buyers because of the aesthetic appeal of the material. Also, many home buyers will be interested in your home because of the durability and longevity of the material.

Accessory Apartment

An accessory apartment is an addition to your home, usually built in a basement or garage, that has its own utility hookups, entrance, living area, and cooking facilities. This is a fantastic way to make money because you will be able to rent out the apartment in order to earn some extra spending money, or to get assistance with paying the mortgage on your own.

Speak to a contractor today in order to discuss the home improvements that you can construct that will help you earn or save a bit of money. An accessory apartment, new roof, and solar panels are all great choices if you want to make money with your home.