2 Reasons To Use Cam Lock Hose Fittings

12 July 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

In your factory, you probably have a lot of machinery that has hose systems that have to be connected in order for your equipment to operate properly. Keeping the hoses connected properly is imperative for the operation of your factory, and there are a lot of pieces of hardware that can do the job. Many people just use regular hose fittings to hold together the hoses in an industrial setting such as yours, but there is a better option -- cam lock hose fittings, which are also known as "quick connect" fittings. Even though any type of fitting might do the job, these are the best for several reasons. These are a couple of the main benefits that you should consider if you are thinking about using a different type of fitting rather than quick connect cam lock hose fittings.

1. They Are More Secure

As you already know, the last thing that you need to happen in your factory is for your hoses to come apart at the wrong moment. Other fittings can come apart when they are worn out or when there is too much pressure, but this isn't as likely with cam lock hose fittings. This is because these fittings feature safety pins, which help hold the hoses together in the event that the hose fittings become disconnected. This adds an extra layer of security that can help prevent major leaks or issues with your equipment.

2. They Connect and Disconnect Very Quickly

In your factory, time is money. If you have to spend a lot of time switching out hoses, you are losing valuable time in which you could be getting things done. This can slow down production, and the time can even add up to wasted payroll expenses throughout the course of a month. Regular fittings can be challenging and time-consuming to connect, but the design of a cam lock hose fitting is made so that it is very easy to put hoses together and take them apart quickly and easily. This can help you and your employees get things done more quickly in your industrial setting.

It's important to choose the right hose fittings for your factory if you want to prevent leaks and other problems and if you want to enjoy high productivity. If you are looking for the best kind of hose fitting, try looking for cam lock hose fittings that are designed to connect and disconnect very quickly.