Straining Out The Best: Finding The Right Industrial Strainer

26 September 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Finding the appropriate strainer for an industrial application is more challenging than finding the appropriate strainer for a kitchen or bathroom. A drain in a typical residential home has a standard diameter and the kitchen strainers will be designed to fit almost all kitchen drains. However, it may be necessary to measure the drain hole for your industrial application to make sure that you can then purchase a strainer that is the appropriate size. However, there are many other characteristics that you will need to consider when choosing the right one.

Determining Whether A Basket Strainer Is The Best Option

One of the first steps in obtaining a strainer basket is determining whether you need a strainer in the first place. This is determined by knowing the flow rate. The higher the flow rate, the greater the likelihood that you will need a basket strainer. Strainers are sized to where they will have a minimum and maximum pressure drop. They will also have a maximum velocity. Basket strainers have less pressure loss than Y-Strainers.

Another reason to consider a basket strainer is because of the ease-of-use. A basket strainer is much easier to clean than a Y-strainer. When the cap is removed to clean the Y-strainer, the liquid will drain out immediately, and this can cause major problems depending on the location of the strainer.

The Dimensions

The second step in determining what type of industrial strainer basket to purchase is the dimensions of the area where the strainer basket will be placed. There should be an open area ratio of at least 4 to 1. If this minimum requirement is not met, there will be a risk of a significant pressure drop.

The Durability

Choose a strainer that has a material and finish that will allow it to last a long time. The two best materials that strainers can be made out of are stainless steel and brass. For industrial applications, the durability of the material is much more important than its appearance.

The Thickness Of The Sink

Consider the thickness of the device in which the drain is a part of in addition to the diameter of the drain. Depending on the thickness of the sink, a particular strainer might not fit.

Unique Features

There are many unique features that might come with a particular brand of strainer. For instance, you may have a strainer that has ball bearing posts that fit securely and prevent the strainer from leaking.