Examining the Benefits of Stainless Steel in Your New Restaurant's Kitchen Design

7 November 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Opening a new restaurant can include many important details. Making sure you are ready to greet the public on your first day of business can be an overwhelming task, even more so if it is your first restaurant. Taking steps to ensure your food-prep areas are sanitary and safe is extremely important to prevent your customers from getting sick. Learn more about the reasons you need to choose stainless steel in your new restaurant's kitchen design.

Stainless Steel Is the Best Material for Maintaining Safer Sanitary Conditions

Stainless steel is the best choice for commercial kitchens because it is the easiest to clean for preventing the growth of dangerous bacteria on food-prep surfaces. Stainless steel does not pit easily under the stress of tasks like cutting and pounding raw meats or cleaning with disinfectants. Metals or other materials that are porous can develop tiny pits that provide the perfect home for bacteria like e.coli and salmonella. Remember to request that your counters and other stainless-steel kitchen additions are fastened only with stainless-steel screws from a company such as AUSTIN  MAC INC in order to lower the risk of bacteria attaching to them after installation. Bear in mind that one screw head can host a lot of microscopic bacteria. When you are preparing food for the public, the last thing you need is bacteria lurking around in your kitchen. You can have stainless-steel countertops and appliances in your commercial kitchen to not only make it easier to disinfectant and clean but also to achieve a nice decorative appeal.

Investing in Durability Is an important Aspect of New Business Start-Up

The longer you are able to use your kitchen counters and appliances, the less money you will to spend over time. If you have to close your restaurant while waiting on new appliances or counters, you lose money and possibly good customers that will look for other places to eat while you are closed. Stainless steel is able to provide you with many years of service because it is extremely durable and strong. Other materials commonly used in commercial kitchens cannot stand up to the test of time like stainless steel does.

Opening up a new restaurant should be an exciting venture without worries over the kinds of bacteria that can end up living in your food-prep areas. Taking steps to ensure your new restaurant will be a clean and safe place for your customers enjoyment is paramount and will have a direct impact on your final profits.