Examining the Benefits of Stainless Steel in Your New Restaurant’s Kitchen Design

7 November 2016
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Opening a new restaurant can include many important details. Making sure you are ready to greet the public on your first day of business can be an overwhelming task, even more so if it is your first restaurant. Taking steps to ensure your food-prep areas are sanitary and safe is extremely important to prevent your customers from getting sick. Learn more about the reasons you need to choose stainless steel in your new restaurant's kitchen design. Read More 

Straining Out The Best: Finding The Right Industrial Strainer

26 September 2016
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Finding the appropriate strainer for an industrial application is more challenging than finding the appropriate strainer for a kitchen or bathroom. A drain in a typical residential home has a standard diameter and the kitchen strainers will be designed to fit almost all kitchen drains. However, it may be necessary to measure the drain hole for your industrial application to make sure that you can then purchase a strainer that is the appropriate size. Read More 

Three Things To Take Into Consideration When Having A Parking Barrier System Installed

25 August 2016
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If you own a large commercial property that you want to lease to multiple businesses, having a private parking lot can often make it more appealing to potential lessees. Knowing that they can always find a parking space can make life much easier for many people working in a big city. If you plan to create a private parking lot for the businesses, you will need to have a parking barrier system put into place. Read More 

The Benefits And Uses Of Dynamometers

29 July 2016
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If you work and an industrial field and want the absolute performance out of every application that you engage in, you know that you always need to be inspecting and testing machinery such as engines and pumps. One great way to test a pump or an engine is with the use of a dynamometer. By having access to a dynamometer, your whole manufacturing process will run more smoothly. Below, you will learn a little bit more about dynamometers  and why they can be advantageous purchases for your industrial business. Read More 

How To Revitalize An Old Metal Shed With An Air Compressor

25 June 2016
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Metal sheds are sturdy and provide a safe place to keep all of your gardening tools or other types of outdoor equipment. But due to being outside in the weather, metal sheds tend to get rusty, accumulate dirt, and fade in the sun. If you have an old metal shed that needs to be revitalized, you can use an air compressor with various parts and attachments to do the job. Here's what to do. Read More