Four Tips To Help With The Upkeep And Maintenance Of Your Water Well

17 December 2015
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If you rely on a water well for your running water, maintenance tasks are important to ensure you have clean running water. Some of the things that you will want to do include inspecting well equipment, sanitizing your well and having your well serviced. Doing these things can help to prevent problems with equipment and water quality. Here are some tips to ensure that your well always provides your home with clean running water: Read More 

2 Tips To Make New Steel Casters Look Vintage

18 November 2015
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Industrial chic furniture can be found in trendy homes throughout the country. While the clean lines and industrial appearance of these furnishings vary, many industrial chic pieces feature steel casters that allow the furnishings to easily be moved from one location to another. If you are constructing some industrial chic furniture for your home, you may want to incorporate vintage casters into your design. Here are two simple tips you can use to make new casters (which are more affordable and easier to locate) look more vintage. Read More 

Protecting Your Awning From The Harsh Winter Weather

19 October 2015
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Businesses of all types can benefit from installing an awning on their exterior. An awning provides an escape from the direct sun, without blocking the view. It can also block the sun from heating up the interior of your business helping to keep your energy bills lower. More and more businesses are looking into adding an awning to their business in hopes of enjoying these great benefits. Unfortunately, you can't just install it and leave it alone. Read More 

Control Dust Along Your Driveway

15 September 2015
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Unpaved roads can be a real nuisance to many drivers. Dust not only dulls the look of the car, but rocks and gavel can get caught up in the underparts of the vehicle causing various issues. Controlling the dust on roads takes a group effort, but when it is your driveway, you have much more control. While one vehicle alone won't do enough to prevent dust from scattering all over the road and other vehicles doing your part can help control the dust better. Read More 

Powder Coating: 4 Mistakes For Metal Fabrication Clients To Avoid

12 August 2015
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Powder coating plays an important role in the metal fabrication process, offering added protection from environmental elements such as harmful UV rays, extreme temperatures, and exposure to water. While powder coating isn't a requirement in all metal fabrication, it is highly recommended in most cases--especially for metal that is going to be used outdoors. For a metal fabricator customer making decisions regarding powder coating for a project, there are some specific mistakes that should be avoided to ensure the best results. Read More