What To Do When Your Boiler Breaks

25 November 2014
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If your company involves the use of a boiler and it malfunctions to the point that it is a safety hazard to use it, you will need to make alternate plans in a hurry. Not having the boiler in working order can cost your company money, since production can be stopped until it is repaired. If having the boiler down for repair will hurt the company, you may want to look into renting a temporary one until yours is back up to par. Here is some information you can use in finding a rental company and what to expect when renting.

Searching For A Rental Company

If your industry relies on a boiler, you will have phone numbers available for a service technician and the manufacturer of the boiler. These are items that should be filed with the safety information on the boiler itself. Contact your safety manager to track down these items and call the manufacturer to ask for a referral.

If your boiler is fairly new, it may be under warranty, and you may need to follow certain protocol in order to keep the warranty from becoming void. It is best to call and ask before making any alternate plan. If the manufacturer does not have a name of a rental company, ask your technician for a referral. You can call a few boiler shops in your area to ask for a referral, as well.

What To Expect Regarding The Rental

When you find a reputable rental company, you will need to have someone available in your receiving department to sign for the delivery. The boiler will be secured to the back of a flatbed truck. You will need to have a technician on hand to help with the process of hooking up the boiler and again when it is to be taken down. If you do not have an employee in your company that is designated to handle this procedure, you will need to hire someone from a local repair shop. Sometimes the boiler rental company can provide someone if you ask in advance.

When you are finished using the boiler, call the rental company to come and pick it up for return. You will need to drain all of the water from the tank and clean it out before they will be able to haul it away. This will be the responsibility of your company, not the rental company.