Useful Warehouse Accessories That Will Improve The Work Environment

26 February 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you own and manage a warehouse, you need your employees to be productive and safe. You can ensure both of these things remain true thanks to these warehouse accessories.

Overhead Crane

In your warehouse, there may be a lot of large items that need to be transported, such as wooden crates filled with things. To ensure your employees don't injure themselves, you can set up an overhead crane in the warehouse. These cranes can cover the entire length of your warehouse, and they are designed to hold weight by the tons.

Operating these cranes is also easy, and they can be attached to the ceiling of your warehouse. This gives the crane a free-standing design, so the work floors are not going to be cluttered at all. Even more, these cranes can be rigged with stop detectors. So if they get too close to someone or something, they instantly shut off.

LED Work Lights

There might be areas in the warehouse where there isn't a lot of light. This creates a dangerous scenario for your workers if they are moving large equipment or packing supplies. You can alleviate this hazard, though, by investing in LED work lights.

Designed to last for up to 50,000 hours, your workers are not going to have to replace these lights any time soon. These work lights are bright, but they are not going to irritate the eyes. They are also cool to the touch, preventing your employees from burning themselves if they get too close.

Thanks to a weighted base, employees can set these lights on the ground to get the perfect light angle. Working at night won't have to be a problem thanks to these portable, cost-effective lights.

Dual-Ribbed Entrance Mats

The last thing you want to have to worry about as a warehouse manager is a slip and fall accident. You can reduce these incidents, thankfully, by placing dual-ribbed entrance mats near all of the doors.

The dual-ribbed design on the surface helps scrape off dirt, debris and other things from workers' shoes. Then, once they enter the warehouse, your employees are going to have maximum traction. These mats have vinyl on the back, making them slip-resistant. That way, when workers step on them as they walk into the warehouse, the mats are not going anywhere.

Owning a warehouse means making sure the warehouse environment is safe and an enjoyable place to be. You can enhance your warehouse environment by purchasing the accessories above at a company like American Equipment Inc.