Control Dust Along Your Driveway

15 September 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Unpaved roads can be a real nuisance to many drivers. Dust not only dulls the look of the car, but rocks and gavel can get caught up in the underparts of the vehicle causing various issues. Controlling the dust on roads takes a group effort, but when it is your driveway, you have much more control. While one vehicle alone won't do enough to prevent dust from scattering all over the road and other vehicles doing your part can help control the dust better. Here are some tips to help you control dust in your own driveway.

Spray or Sweep Your Driveway

One of the easiest ways of controlling dust is to remove it altogether. This can be done by sweeping your driveway or spraying it with a high-pressure water hose. This will help push the dust to the sides of the driveway so your tires do not move it around. This has to be consistently in an effort to keep the dust under control By keeping an eye on the driveway, you can decide when it needs to be done again. 

Go Slower

Another way to do your part to reduce dust on the driveway is by slowing down. As you decrease your speed, your vehicle is less likely to shake up any dust that has settled on the driveway. By keeping your speed down, you can lessen how much dust you move around. 

Maintain Your Lawn

If your lawn is less than stellar and you see some exposed ground, you are probably helping to increase the dust in the road. You want to make sure there is no exposed ground in your yard especially around the street in front of your home. This will help control how much dust your own lawn puts out. There are several options to help cover exposed ground that include sod, mulch, and other lawn materials you can use. 

Install Drainage Channels

When water collects on the driveway due to poor drainage, dust particles will quickly fill it up and cause dust on the driveway once the water evaporates. In an effort to help control the amount of dust available, you may want to think about add drainage channels along your property. 

Cover the Driveway with Gravel

In an effort to control dust along your driveway, adding gravel to the driveway helps provide a more solid surface to drive on. Gravel will shift over time so you will need to make sure you keep it maintained in order to control the amount of dust is in the driveway.   

For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from GMCO Corporation.