Want To Improve Your Air Conditioner's Performance? Show Your Filters Some Love

20 January 2016
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Air conditioner filters play the important role of ensuring that the air that employees breathe is free of dust, mold and any other air impurities. This alone is a good-enough motivation to inspire you to pay attention to not only how often you clean your system's filters, but also how regularly you replace them.

The good news is that taking time to maintain, and when necessary to replace, your system's filters does more than simply guarantee good air quality in the workplace. It is something that is crucial to maintaining the system's efficiency while also elongating its lifespan.

Clogged filters and air flow problems

Air conditioning systems work well when there is an ample supply of air. However, since the air needs to be cleaned first before it can go through the system, it has to pass through the system's air filters. This is where dirty air filters cause problems.

 Dirt usually clogs filters, reducing their capacity to let in air. This is something that will therefore restrict the amount of air that is available for use in the air conditioning system. The system will therefore need to work harder and for longer periods of time in order to warm up a given space. In essence, heating systems with clogged filters usually end up being overworked systems, something that usually reduces the lifespan of the system in question.

Worn out filters and dirty coils

By getting rid of dust particles from the air, air filters usually protect a heating system from clogging problems. With time, filters wear out. This usually reduces their ability to filter out any air impurities. And when these filters are not replaced, the particles that pass through the filters usually settle on the system's coils and thus create an insulating layer around the coils.

The insulating effect of the dirt usually interferes with the heat exchange process that is necessary for the air conditioner to work properly. This is something that reduces the air conditioner's ability to either heat or cool the air passing through it, something that essentially leads to energy inefficiencies since the heater will have to use more energy in order to attain a desired temperature.

To avoid coil clogging, it is advisable that you replace your system's filters as soon as they show sign of wear and tear. And while the rate of clogging usually depends on the amount of impurities of the air passing through the filters, it is generally advisable that you change your system's filters at least once after every 3 months.

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