How To Revitalize An Old Metal Shed With An Air Compressor

25 June 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Metal sheds are sturdy and provide a safe place to keep all of your gardening tools or other types of outdoor equipment. But due to being outside in the weather, metal sheds tend to get rusty, accumulate dirt, and fade in the sun. If you have an old metal shed that needs to be revitalized, you can use an air compressor with various parts and attachments to do the job. Here's what to do.

Sandblast the Rust 

Use a sandblasting tool connected to your air compressor to blast away the rust. Use short bursts as you spray the fine sand onto the problem areas. Since rust can damage the metal, the metal may be very thin, so be careful when you use the sandblaster. After the rust has been removed, you may need to apply an epoxy to the thin spots of metal. You can find epoxy for metals at any home improvement center or hardware store.

Power Wash the Debris Away

After the epoxy has cured, smooth it out with a piece of fine sandpaper. Remove the fine sand, rust fragments, and debris off of the shed with a pressure washer adapter. Start out on the lowest setting possible so you don't damage the shed. Increase the power of the pressure washer slowly, if necessary, but stop increasing the pressure if you hear popping noises coming from the shed walls. This would mean that the pressure is too harsh for the shed to withstand. Run the power washer until the water runs clear. Remove the power washer adapter and give the shed a few quick blasts of air to help speed up drying if you don't have time to wait for it to dry before you paint it. 

Paint the Shed

When the shed is dry, attach a paint gun to the air compressor. Paint guns are a great way to give a smooth finish. Before you begin, put on a pair of goggles and a protective mask that covers your mouth and nose. That way, you won't get any paint in your eyes, nose, and mouth. If there is greenery or concrete around the shed and you'd like to protect it from paint, cover it with tarps or plastic sheeting. If you'd like to paint the trim in a different color, paint it first and allow it to dry. Then, cover the trim with painter's tape before you paint the rest of the shed.

If you need parts for your air compressor in order to finish the job, you could try here.