The Benefits And Uses Of Dynamometers

29 July 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you work and an industrial field and want the absolute performance out of every application that you engage in, you know that you always need to be inspecting and testing machinery such as engines and pumps. One great way to test a pump or an engine is with the use of a dynamometer. By having access to a dynamometer, your whole manufacturing process will run more smoothly. Below, you will learn a little bit more about dynamometers  and why they can be advantageous purchases for your industrial business.

What exactly is a dynamometer?

In short, a dynamometer is a tool that lets you scientifically calculate specifications like speed, torque and power for industrial equipment. This testing tool is usually used for things like motors, engines, pumps and generators. They can be used in a variety of different industries.

Why should I invest in a dynamometer?

You need to always be measuring performance for your most important industrial equipment so that you can trust its output. There are a few great reasons why buying a dynamometer can help you do this.

Benefit #1:  You will be able to accurately gauge what is working and what is not working

A few of the ways that dynamometers can be useful is that they measure whether an engine is running as it should, whether it is making the best use of fuel or wasting it and whether adjustments must be made. These metrics will let you fine tune your engine, motor, pump or other device so that your machinery is operating at its best and not costing you too much money. It lets you put trust into your equipment and your business as a whole.

Benefit #2: You will experience readouts that are incredibly accurate and precise

When putting trust into testing equipment, you will be relying on precision and accuracy. You get just that when you use a dynamometer, because its results are remarkably sophisticated. They are precise when measuring output for both large and small amounts of weight and are even portable in many situations. Since you can trust the accuracy of the results, you can also trust that your machinery will run at it best.

Benefit #3: You can purchase a dynamometer for a variety of different industries

One of the best things about dynamometer is is that there are many different types you can use based on the measurements you need. A water brake dynamometer is best suited when looking to get measurements for large internal combustion motors. Eddy current brake dynamometers use air cooling that can be used to measure engines up to 250 hp, while alternating current regenerative dynamometers are useful for engines that range between 10 hp and 5000 hp. These options let you purchase the best testing tool for your needs.

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